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but if you try to get relatively high shutter speed in a very dim light you need to underexpose to get. And 5D3, 5D2 or 7D are not as good as D800.

this is not true.  In very dim light if you shoot hand-held which means you have to use high ISOs, 5D3 is no less than D800, 5D2 is still close, 7D is not FF that compares to D300s/D300 and still no less in high ISO.  If you shoot on tripod, then what you said is irrelevant.   No mention technically you'd need to use faster shutter on 36mp D800 if you want the same level of sharpness at its larger size otherwise you waste its extra MP.

What D800 and D600 DR are better is to shoot at base ISO (such as 100) on a heavily underexposed photo and then you push shadows many stops back that is well discussed and debated.  My opinion is that this is not a good technique in general.  Sure it's much better than Canon cameras if both do the same way but still usually generates crappy photos, just lesser of evil.

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