Severe contrast enhancements: on 45% rule — and cats

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Re: Changing contrast without distorting colors: 45% rule and another cat

knickerhawk wrote:

I rarely bother with gamma adjustments (too blunt).

The only reason I used gamma adjustment in my examples is because it is so easy for other people to reproduce (just type-in one number instead of mouse-dances with defining a tonal curve).  But gamma adjustments are relevant: look at an S-curve.  Its left third (foot) and the middle (spine) form an almost exact copy of the curve corresponding to gamma-adjustment with γ>1 (to match exactly, the only fix needed is to increase brightness after gamma adjustment).

So an S-curve may be considered as a “gamma adjustment with gradual-clipping in whites”.  In other words, gamma adjustment corresponds to the behaviour of S-curve in darks and grays.  By itself, it is pretty useless, but consider it just as a tool to study a part of S-curve.


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