Severe contrast enhancements: on 45% rule — and cats

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Re: Changing contrast without distorting colors: 45% rule and another cat

Tom Axford wrote:

You are jumping to totally unjustified conclusions!

Why must they be competent and thorough?

I’ve read dozen(s?) of papers on tonemapping — probably all the influential papers of the last two decades (as you might have guessed, I work on my own algo). AFAIK, what they do is the state-of-art in the understanding of color shifts.

knickerhawk wrote:

I better understand now what you're trying to do and am able to pretty closely match your output with a luminosity-blended version of the gamma adjustment and then an additional saturation adjustment layer.

But cannot you just do exactly what I did?  I googled, and PS supports Hue and Saturation blending modes, and has an opacity control (slider?  Did not find an illustration).  This is all one needs to literally repeat my algo (well, one needs copying a layer, but this should not be a big deal).

Having a slider which directly controls N in the “N% rule” is quite handy…

But I thank you fro giving me something to play with (actually, damn you, for giving me another distraction to keep me from more pressing chores...)

In my defense, I waited for a couple of years before posting my algo. 


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