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JackM wrote:

SushiEater wrote:

To me IQ of D800e is far more superior than 5D3 for what I shoot. It is not the DR that ruins it for me but the severe banding

Post an example so we can decide if you are being hyperbolic. I have seen no severe banding on my 5D3. But I know how to expose, so that's probably why.

If you read the whole paragraph and stop fixating on one sentence you would understand. I know who to expose too with over 40 years of experience but if you try to get relatively high shutter speed in a very dim light you need to underexpose to get. And 5D3, 5D2 or 7D are not as good as D800.

If you PM me I will tell you the real difference between the two. I just don't want to start another camera war here.

Or you just don't want anyone to disagree with you.

I could not care less if anyone agrees or disagrees. My opinion remains the same.

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