XF1: a Catch-22

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Re: XF1: a Catch-22 (in repro work)

CAcreeks wrote:

Our scanner is no better than my F750EXR at reproducing images on paper or in photo prints.

I don't have an XF1, but sometimes when the full-zoom distance needs to be longer, I stand on a ladder and take a picture from up high.

I ended up going the other way:  I cranked the zoom down to 35 mm equivalent.  That put the lens about 6" above the 4"x6" print and risked shadows from the hardware falling across the subject; it also resulted in some keystoning of the print.  I prefer to work with the lens set at 60 mm or 70 mm (equivalent) to avoid those problems, but the XF1 would not let me do that.

If I were more fastidious than I am, I would use PTLens to correct the minor keystoning, but these are photos to send as attachments to email to our son and his wife, and it's the main event that counts, not the niggling details.  The keystoned photo of a print of a shot taken ten feet from the subject still has less perspective distortion of the faces than there would be had I taken the original photo from a distance of four feet with a 35 mm lens on a full-frame camera.

At the 35 mm equivalent zoom setting, I could use the Macro setting with its forced autofocus, and -- for whatever reason -- the autofocus did not complain at that camera-to-subject distance (as it had when the XF1 was about 18" above the print using a longer focal length) about an inability to grab focus of a subject that does not have sharp edges between contrasting areas of the color print.

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