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Re: yes - A mode isn't strange at all

Amamba wrote:

A-mode with legacy works the same way as the metering is concerned, but you lose the ability to control exposure via on-camera dial. So you need to learn to control camera one way with native glass (by turning the dial on camera) and another way with legacy glass (by turning the aperture ring).

If you put camera in S mode when shooting legacy, you end up controlling exposure in the same consistent way (by rotating the dial). Moreover, you can control both the aperture and the shutter speed. That's why I prefer S mode for legacy glass.

Regardless of what mode you're in, aperture control for legacy glass will always be on the lens, so I don't buy this explanation. I think the real determining factor is whether you use Auto-ISO or not.

If you do, then it makes sense that your preferred AE mode with legacy glass would be S: set the aperture and shutter and let the camera set ISO.

If you don't (I almost always set manual ISO), then S mode = M, which isn't AE. At that point A mode makes sense. Set the ISO and aperture and let the camera select the shutter speed.

I suppose P probably is the same as, or at least very similar to, A when used with legacy glass, but I'm not positive all the customizations and options are the same, and, regardless, shooting in A reminds me what I'm doing, since the behavior (with fixed ISO) is exactly the same as it was in A mode on older film cameras I used to use.

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