Need help with first DSLR

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Re: Need help with first DSLR

GillyTheKid wrote:

So, the 5100 refurb IQ isn't much different than the 5200? Having seen the wisdom is alot of folks choices here, I'd rather put my money in the lenses as well. Especially if I can get the same (or better since I can get better lenses) quality from a 5100 as the 5200.

Some people actually see the D5200 as having slightly lower image quality due to shadow banding, which the D5100 doesn't have an issue with. There is no real advantage in image quality with the D5200, what it does have is more resolution and a few upgrades in functional aspects of camera design, but most of these are more of a "nice to have" than an essential 'must have' over the D5100.

Better glass will have much more effect on your photography than the new body in this instance.

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