Moiré disaster on the E-5

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But... there is no contradiction between color accuracy and high resolution. I have no problems with the color out of my D800 and never heard anyone complaining about them, quite the opposite, so I don't understand the discussion.

The colors/OOC jepgs from my E1 are much better than anything I have gotten from my D7000, so much so I now am using a D200 for much of my work.

That's OK, taste is different, there is no right or wrong in my opinion.

I see a digital camera body more like "film", they each have their own unique characteristics. I never cared for velvia nor did I like kodachrome. One of my fav films was that kodak PJM multispeed pro color print film, loved the colors and it had insane exposure latitude. You could over expose and the grain all but disappeared but was still very usable at iso640-800. The E1 files remind me a lot of that film and so does the D200. The speed limitations are similar as well. I still wish Olympus had stuck with the kodak sensors and kept the same look to the files the E1 has rather than trying to "be more like a canikon"..

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