Moiré disaster on the E-5

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Re: John

Barry Stewart wrote:

John Sheehy wrote:

Your resizing software sucks or has the wrong settings. It is point-sampling, a good tool for a few select applications, but not for general image resizing.

I agree, iPhoto is good for a few select applications.

I meant its resizing method sucks as you used it; I don't know if it has other options, or what else it does.  I would look for resampling options for both on-screen and for explicit resizing in the menus.

I see no user-settings that would help it. I was also seeing this wood grain in PS Elements.

What is an alternative to "point-sampling?"

Lanczos, Bicubic and Bilinear are the more common ones.

Your original is slightly aliased. Bad software/settings exaggerate that exponentially. You would have had no problem, for instance, had the original been shot at an f-stop with significant pixel-level blur due to diffraction, or a soft, wide-open lens.

It was the ZD-50, at F/3.5, which is about as loose as I'd want to shoot portraits, as the depth of field is very unforgiving if I shoot any more open (nose in focus, eyes not, for example.)

I wasn't trying to suggest that you have used a softer lens, per se; the aliasing in the full res image was marginal.  I was just saying that if the original image were soft enough, the aliasing would be less, even with the poor downsizing method.

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