Lightest tripod possible for a budget

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Re: Lightest tripod possible for a budget

Tepacca wrote:

I have manfrotto tripod which is about 1.5kg with ballhead. Will appreciate for suggestion. I am looming for the lightest possible tripod (carbon fiber?) with ballhead which would hold Nikon D600 + wide angle lens. Lightest + smallest when disasembled with total weignt with ballhead preferably around of below 1kg with acceptable price tag.

Thanks in advance.

No tripod, is the lightest tripod you will ever find. The search for lightest tripod is a paradox; because the reason to even have a tripod is to gain stability. The lightest tripods are also the most flimsy ones; so they are useless. To find the tripod that suits your needs you must not search for "the lightest" tripod, but rather "the least heavy tripod that meets your stability requirements".

Carbon fiber is ligher than aluminum

3 section legs are more stable than 4 section legs, but height is less or folded length is more.

The less you pay for tripod the worse would be the tolerances on parts, so more wobbly tripod would be.

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