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Re: Next NEX $4000.00

technic wrote:

spacemn wrote:

Come on....the FF glass problem can be solved easier than many would think apparently.

Just announce the FF NEX along with three Zeiss FF E-mount FF RF primes. For example 24, 50 and 90. That would be one of the most desirable sets in the photography world along with the RX1R.

not easy at all, you are wrong. RF primes are generally not suitable for a digital sensor, and certainly not a FF sensor where corner problems are always worse. Leica gets around this by having a limited set of lenses with a specially adapted sensor (microlenses etc.) - that would not work for a FF NEX that is supposed to work with a huge focal length range.

Yes, there are the Zeiss ZE lenses that they could use, but that would invalidate the whole concept because those are DSLR lenses and they would probably make the FF NEX combo bigger than some FF DSLRs with specially designed lens (e.g. Canon 2.8/40, which DOES have very good image quality even in the corners).

I'm not going to talk about Zeiss Cine lenses because those are even bigger than the ZE series.

For other puposes there are plenty of FF options in the Alpha-lenses, legacy and range finder lenses. Not to forget the APS-C E-mount lenses.

there are plenty of options, but hardly any compact options with good image quality. Why buy an $4000 body if there are no suitable lenses? It would be a camera for gear freaks and posers.

And I don't understand how anyone can suggest using APS-C lenses on an $4000 FF body, that would be plain stupid IMHO.

RF primes not suitable on digital sensors and only a small selection of lenses work with the Leica?! Tell me, how many FF E-mount lenses will satisfy you??

Zeiss has plenty of experience making RF lenses for short flange cameras, I'm sure they together with Sony can figure out to build FF lenses for FF NEX. If you think only Leica can do it and not Sony, suit yourself, but it may help you go see some VG900 pics taken with RF glass and it may change your mind.

If you don't want to use the added tele effect of the APS-C lenses suit yourself. No reason to call people stupid just because of their choice of lenses. I am using an old Hexanon lens I got for $25 on my NEX-7, is that stupid as well? Feel free to get your Leica or Canikons, but spare us for your narrow sightedness here.

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