Need help with first DSLR

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Re: Need help with first DSLR

GillyTheKid wrote:

First, I can't thank you all enough for your helpful suggestions. I'm very impressed with the maturity of this place. I'm VERY new to all the jargons and technicalities of photography. Feels good. Thanks.

I can do refurbished. I'm open to that. I did get a chance to shoot with the 5200 and I know I'd like to make it my first. I really wish I could do the 7100 but it's just a little out of my budget.

So, the 5100 refurb IQ isn't much different than the 5200? Having seen the wisdom is alot of folks choices here, I'd rather put my money in the lenses as well. Especially if I can get the same (or better since I can get better lenses) quality from a 5100 as the 5200.

And yes, I'd love to do quite a bit of birding.

You have a few options.

You can get a D7000 refubirshed for $729 in Adorama along with the 16-85 refurbished for $539 from Roberts and a 70-300 refurbished for $325 from National Camera Exchange.

If it were up to me (I prefer having great glass over having a great camera with decent glass) I would get a refurbished D5100 for $459, then a refurbished 17-55 F2.8 for $1019 (or you can explore the Sigma 17-50 F2.8 for $570, but lose the build quality, bit of sharpness, AF speed and accuracy), and the refurbished 70-300. I have purchased refurbished lenses before and they are excellent. You cannot tell them apart from a brand new one. They look perfect physically and optically.

With those 3 items you are looking at about $1700 total (or about $1350 if you get the Sigma) which would be a great selection to start off. You can invest in a $196 nikon 35 F1.8 later or get a refubished one for about $180.

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