Contax G AF adapter available for preorder tomorrow

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Re: Testing

Got mine finally, and have been using the past 10 days.  Initial thoughts are:

1)  Great build quality - much better than any of my other Contax G - NEX adapters (I have Metebones, and 2 Kipons (though one of these is a knock-off, I think)).

2)  Acceptable autofocus speed, even at reduced apertures - seems to be about the same speed as the lens mounted on my Contax G1 under same conditions.  Definitely slower than my E-mount lenses in good light, and much slower tha my A-mount ssm lenses w/LA-EA2 in any light.  Accuracy seem to be good.

3)  Exposure issues as others have discussed.  If you follow directions and set both the lens and camera apertures the same while in Aperture Priority, you will be overexposed by the number of stops you have set the camera from wide-open (i.e. for 28 mm f2.8, set on f8.0 on both lens and camera, you would be overexposed by 3 stops).  You can solve this 3 ways - leave camera set at widest aperture (f2.8 for the 28mm - exif data recorded as f2.8 regardless of what lens is set on), set both lens and camera at the desired aperture setting, and use exposure compensation to "under-expose" by the number of stops you have the lens set from wide-open (28mm set at f8.0 on both camera and lens, EV set for -3; exposure will be correct and exif will record correct aperture), use manual mode and manually meter the scene (ignore the fact that the camera's exposure meter is telling you that scene is underexposed.  For the last 2 options, live-view will show you an underexposed scene (depending on how far you have stopped the lens down) since the camera assumes it is seeing the scene through a wide-open lens and will stop down to the set aperture when the picture is taken.

4)  Hopefully DEO TechArt will solve the exposure challenges for their future production - will see if they will modify this one if that's the case.

5)  Will keep this adapter since it makes manual focus so much easier than my other adapters (uses the thumbwheel to control the stepping motor for manual focus!).  Was alittle disappointed that my early version doesn't do DMF, though DEO Techart told me they have included DMF on the newer version.

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