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Re: Long way to go.

Just Having Fun wrote:

The EOS M system still has a long way to go. It has few native lenses, lacks accessories, and it is still behind in what the camera can do (compare vs. a NEX or even the EM5 on DxO). On top of that it is very stripped down in terms of features (for example NEX offers 10fps and EM5 offers 9fps). Focus speed after the FW update is still nowhere near Panasonic or Olympus too.

IQ-wise, in spite of what DxOMark sensor ratings say, I think the EOS M (and all the 18 mp Canons) produce better looking images than the EM5.

When are m43 fans going to get over this lie that the EM5 has dramatically better IQ than the 18 mp Canons. Because DxOMark sensor ratings has the EM5 a mere 5 points ahead of the Canon 18 mp cameras (a 5 year old sensor).

The EOS M as an APS-C camera has better DOF control than the EM5 for one. And the offers ISO 100 for completely clean, noise-free images at base ISO. (How many m43 forum thread do we see lamenting the ISO 200 and noisy shadows of the EM5, even at base ISO?).

Have a look at the E-P5 sample gallery on the DPR homepage (same sensor as the EM5). IQ does not impress as images are kind of flat. IMHO, similar landscape/scenic type images from all the 18 mp Canons - the T5i, EOS M, 60D, 7D, et al - just look better.

The other big whopper is that the EM5 shoots 9 fps. It does not!!! It shoots 4.5 fps with AF. With AF locked on the first frame it shoots 9 fps, essentially useless. Heck, the Nikon V1 shoots 60 fps with AF locked, but nobody goes around bragging that it shoots 60 fps. Why this constant fib that the EM5 shoots 9 fps?

Anyway, the main problem I see with the EOS M is not eye-level finder and no articulated LCD like the new Fujifilm X-M1.

As far as the OPs raves about the small size, it should be noted that Canon achieves the small size of the EOS M by removing ALL dials from the body and putting them on the touch LCD (a move that is not likely to please everybody).

Small size for me is not always a good thing, but many mirrorless fans seem to value portability over ergonomics.

But for those who like tiny cameras, the Fujifilm X-M1 is almost as small as the EOS M and it has dual command dials and a tilt LCD.

EOS M vs Fujifilm X-M1

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