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Re: Crystal Ball Required...

JackM wrote:

I believe in Canon land the preferable technique is to expose for the midtones and then recover the highlights. Like my picture of the boy surfing, which I would think would be comparable to shooting a bride in a wedding dress in direct sun. Look at the details recovered in the sea foam. I don't think this method is inferior...?

By using ETTR method or just expose on the gray mid-tone, it will have much better result than pulling a dark face with excessive noise and lost details, or someone can present BIF case as I demo.  Although we all agree Nikon has more room to recover a severely underexposed photo but it's not a good technique to use severe ETTL (expose on left) instead of using better technique and expose correctly.  In landscape and portrait photos now I enabled 3-shot -1, 0 and +1 EC (HDR mode but save all individual raw files) on my 5D3 and select the most ideally exposed one for processing.

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