Why are so many photographers going out of business?

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Re: perefect storm

Antal I Kozma wrote:

GMartin wrote:

Well there's your problem....the "yellow pages and the vehicle signs".........who the F does that anymore.....or for that matter for many years ? You are running like 10 years behind the times with your business skills. No wonder you're failing.........sounds like you really need to close up shop and go fishing........forever.

A bit of abrasive attitude you have there...... How about some old fashioned good manners? Is it gone with the changing times.....?

Anyway folks, guess what? Photography is pretty much screwed, very few with the right connections can make a meaningful living out of it these days. Talent? Of course that is needed too, at least I hope so.

Yes, times changed, changed too fast. The texting while walking into the lamp post type is the mainstream generation now, their cameras and iPhones have taken out a lot of the learning curve. Gone are the days when you went to college for four years then assisted for a number of more years before opening your own studio.

There was a brotherhood among photographers, we visited with each others, were friends, we maintained some sort of guild within the community. We helped each others out with gear, studio space, passed jobs onto each other, etc......

I look at photographs of the newbies that are taken with their digital wonders and see a lot of bad stuff. Burnt out highlights and posing of "cool look" is the trend. That "cool look" usually means baseball caps backwards, unshaven, gel dripping hair and very bad posing, etc......

Even professional models are photographed as if they were on some drug that makes them reed thin and vacant looking. I was closely involved with a high nose brand name for years and one of the models that they used for some time looked drugged up on each and every image that she was paid extremely high amounts for. I couldn't stand that look in magazines. Instead of emphasis on the beauty of the human figure the emphasis was on some sort of "stupid cooll look". I cannot describe it any better.

Anyway, I am glad to be on the retiring phase of my life. Although I too use high end digital Nikons as my tools of the day, I dare to say that with the end of film based photography this profession is more or less dead. I am not saying that there will not be good images around. What I am saying is that there will be way less professionals working as full time photographers who can pay their mortgages and raise a family within good middle class standards.

The flod of high end digital cameras made everyone and their dogs into "photographers", that is one thing. The other is that with the internet images can be shared and distributed instantly. Hence way less professionals are needed. A graphic design studio that used to work with a number of photographers can get by via running out with their Rebel to snap e few images as needed, or download something from the web for fifty bucks.

I have come to terms with the changes. I do not have to chase clients any more, mortgage is long paid and no kids in university any more, so I enjoy photography for personal satisfaction. When it pays too it comes as a bonus.

Best, AIK


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