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Re: you are mistaken ...

Harold66 wrote:

Honestly , I am not sure what some of the " testing" done here is supposed to prove

The testing is not supposed to "prove" anything. It is supposed to measure the proportions of the GV-2 viewfinder field of view.

external OVFs are always approximate , ALL of them . Even the built in frames in the Leica M are approximate . and when you shoot horizontal a Leica say at 5 meters , I am quite sure that the margin in the vertical lines is not the same one as the margin in the horizontal framing lines. that does NOT mean that the Leica M frame lines are not really 3;2 ratio ??

I'll certainly grant you that optical tunnel viewfinders are always approximate. But usually in field coverage, not proportions. Optical engineers are very precise on that score, in my experience.

As someone who has shot almost exclusively in NON 3;2 ratio over the last 20 years , a single look in the OVF is enough for me to know that the framelines in MY GV2 have a 4;3 ratio or something very close to it and do not present the very obling ratio of 3;2

You must have a special GV-2 then. Measurement is more accurate than perception.

I've overlaid mathematically precise 2:3 (yellow), 3:4 (green), 1:1 (tan) proportions on the test image and proportionately enlarged the test image to align the top and bottom measurement marks. As you can see, the left and right marks line up nicely with the 2:3 proportion ... the 3:4 is substantially more square.

At the end of the day , I am not sure it matters as much as some pretend considering that there are several 3;2 ratio finders available in 28mm

At the end of the day, given the typical other imprecisions of an external optical viewfinder system, I'm sure it doesn't matter one wit. Shoot loose, crop to final dimensions in rendering, don't worry about it.

However, the above measurements do indicate that the GV-2 has a field of view proportionate to a 2:3 format.

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