X100s or X-E1

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Re: X100s or X-E1

I have the X100 and just bought the X-E1. One thing I didn't realize is that the X-E1 body is EXACTLY the same size as the X100. With a lens mounted, it is a bigger "package" than the X100, but really not that much bigger unless you wanted to fit it in a (large) pocket.

As for the 35mm FOV. I happily shot almost exclusively with the X100 for the last 7 months - my OM-D kit sitting in the bag, unused - and have been very happy with only a single lens. 35mm works for nearly everything. But I eventually decided that I wanted a Fuji interchangeable kit as well, so I sold the OM-D and went for the X-E1. Very happy with it so far!

Food for thought... once the 23mm f/1.4 lens is released this fall, I will probably sell the X100.

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