Moiré disaster on the E-5

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Re: Thanks, everyone

Barry Stewart wrote:

Sorry for the panic — but it 'looked' like a disaster to me when I was editing.

If I can borrow the suit, I'll try shooting it with different cameras, just to settle it in my mind that it's nothing to do with the E-5.

BTW, I have asked DPR to adjust the title to Moiré "concern."

That's not necessary.  The list of thread titles for this forum is not alleged to be a list of facts.

The moire came from a combination of your slightly aliased original, and the downsizing software used.

The real disaster here is if you have been using the same downsizing technique for all your work, as, even if no moire became readily apparent, at the very minimum you are getting a lot more noise than you should.  "Nearest Neighbor" downsizing is a disaster, for most intents and purposes.  I only use it much for one purpose; to easily see which images were stable and focused when culling my images, as it exaggerates sharpness.  I would not use it for a finished product!

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