Best Small Shoulder Bag for XE1 3 Lens Kit

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Re: Best Small Shoulder Bag for XE1 3 Lens Kit

aman74 wrote:

Red5TX wrote:

alexzn wrote:

ONA Bowery is probably the smallest, I am not sure if it can take the zoom height-wise, but its well-made and does not look like a camera bag.

Let's be honest: all of these bags look like camera bags to a thief with half a brain. When I first bought my Retro 5 I clung to the delusion that it didn't really look like a camera bag but that's not really true. The bad guys can spot any of these bags from a mile away and will know exactly what's in them.

He didn't say anything about thieves. Some people just don't want to look like a tourist.

Agreed about thieves though, but at this point that doesn't really matter either. Nowadays they aren't just looking for cameras with iPads, tablets, etc... being so predominately carried in bags. Any bag is a target, just like a purse.

I agree.  Sometimes I take my camera bag out with an old Nikon N75 film camera in it.  While the camera is a delight to use, it's only worth about $45 on eBay.  I find myself secretly hoping that a theif will pick that day to steal my camera bag.  I would love to see the look on his face when he takes an N75 to a pawn shop.

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