Moiré disaster on the E-5

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Re: Dan, (and others) here's a photo of my screen

Barry Stewart wrote:

Thanks for going the extra mile, Dan. See... I'm not crazy!

Tell me this guy's suit jacket isn't made of plywood!

I took this shot of my computer screen with my E-PL5, to show what I am seeing at times.

The wood jacket makes him stand up nice and straight, but he has to take it off to drive his car!

Your resizing software sucks or has the wrong settings.  It is point-sampling, a good tool for a few select applications, but not for general image resizing.

Your original is slightly aliased. Bad software/settings exaggerate that exponentially. You would have had no problem, for instance, had the original been shot at an f-stop with significant pixel-level blur due to diffraction, or a soft, wide-open lens.

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