Canon 7D Flash Choices YN560-II, YN565ex, PG-708, Opinions?

Started Jan 21, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Canon 7D Flash Choices YN560-II, YN565ex, PG-708, Opinions?

Just wanted to follow up here after being reminded of the help I got... and maybe this will help someone else...

After using the flash heads for a few months, I think the Yougnuo 560-II heads are a fantastic deal. I haven't had need to use radio controls, and, on manual, with remote flash units as slave, I have been able to get the results I am looking for -- at least for now. I stuck with the 3 flash heads and never got the 603 radio triggers (mostly because I stalled at the lack of a lock for the hot shoe). Will be asking about experiences with those in another post.

Sooo... I think these were actually a good choice once I got used to them. Thanks to those who responded in all flavors for the feedback and help.


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