Need help with first DSLR

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Re: Need help with first DSLR

GillyTheKid wrote:

Hello all.

I'm new here. Have been reading many great conversations and found great advice.

I have my children that I want to photo along with some wildlife/birds.

I know the Costco Nikon bundle has been covered here on the dpreview forums ahave ave helped me to see its a decent bundle.

I found an Amazon bundle and wondering which of the two bundles here would be best:



I would appreciate your thoughts.

Definitely the first one with the 55-300, which is a really underrated lens and performs very well in my experience. It even has a few tricks that the more expensive 70-300vr doesn't have.

I would also repeat the views of several others here and recommend you consider the D5100 and save yourself some money.

The D5100 is a fantastic first DSLR and the money you save could get you well on the way to another lens.

If you are worried about image quality, there really isn't a lot to be gained (if anything at all) by getting the D5200. While it offers a few extra features, the D5100 is still very well featured and will keep a first time DSLR user occupied for a long time.

Good luck!

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