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Re: The EOS-M and OMD have different looks....

Ben Herrmann wrote:

Now to be honest here, I've always preferred the Olympus way of rendering colors, which is a subjective scenario - but Canon has always been a close second, IMO.  As for comparing the IQ of both the EOS-M and the OMD, they are different to be exact.  The detail rendering of both cameras are superb and both cameras, remarkably have good DR capabilities - especially when shooting in RAW.  That having been said, I find a bit more details - which is to be expected, given it's 18 MP sensor (as opposed to the 16 MP sensor in the OMD) - in the EOS-M image files.  In other-words, I'm happy with both and will not malign either camera (I never do that anyway because I find promise with many cameras out there).

But some things cannot be changed, in particular in the area of physics, sensor sizes, pixel sizes, etc.  And so far, the EOS-M's DR and detail/definition appears better.  As far as the colors are concerned - again - each brand goes about it differently.  I like both, but my preferences will always be with Olympus (been that way since the early 2000's).

Thanks Ben!  That is an extremely helpful summary.

I have the OMD and really like it alot.  I've been selling off my dSLR equipment to help fund comparable m43 lenses.

But I also like to have an extremely compact system that offers RAW shooting, excellent image quality, and the ability to be pocketable (as in a jacket pocket or cargo shorts).  The OMD is still just a bit large for me to put in a pocket...even with the 20mm/1.7 on it.

The EOS-M definitely looks like it fits the bill.  I was also considering a refurbished Oly E-PM2 body which I can get for about the same cost (and I already have the lenses).

My other option was to continue with my Pentax Q system.  Which is small and fun...but can't compete from an image quality perspective (although it is still very good considering its small sensor size).  However, I can carry the Q with 01 prime in one pocket and put the fisheye and long zoom in my other pocket...which is nice.

Here's a size comparison of the three:

Comparison of OMD E-M5, E-PM2, EOS-M, Q

I have the Q7 on order as well as the EOS-M.

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