60D or wait for 70D for first DSLR

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Re: 60D or wait for 70D for first DSLR

TTMartin wrote:

TTMartin wrote:

The 18-135 STM lens that comes as part of the kit with the 70D is better than the older 18-135 that comes with the 60D. It is nearly as good as the 15-85.

So if you consider getting the 70D and the 18-135 STM kit, compared to the 60D with the 15-85, I think the scales tilt to the 70D.

Just checking Amazon pricing

Canon 60D with 15-85 ~$1300

Canon 70D with 18-135 STM ~$1550

You get a lot of value when you buy a kit lens. And as long as it is a good one, there is nothing wrong with a kit lens.

Some very good points have been made by all. I made most of my digital era images so far with a 40D and a 17-55 f2.8. In the long run, the len choices will be more important as your photography interest matures.

Having said that, I also think the 70D upgrade list looks pretty generous and will be a better value over time. The 15-85 gets good reviews and looks like a jack of all trades at a good IQ. But, if value is important and you think you will want to shoot longer and record some video, I can't help but agree with the 70D and 18-135 STM combo as a good Canon DSLR intro kit for a $250 budget stretch. The 18-135 STM gets pretty good reviews by the sites that have done many and the STM will mate up well with the 70D video focus capabilities. Also, don't forget about resale values if you think you'll be upgrading more in the next few years (70D vs. 60D).

Either way, you will be making a big step up from your existing camera and buying into the EOS system provides multiple creative gear options. Good luck with your decision and have fun with whatever you choose!

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