Replace my RX100 with a HX50V?

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Re: The HX50 IQ is not that good but RX100 is though expensive and too short zoom

mike geier wrote:

I view my pictures on a 65" Samsung smart TV and just made a 24x36" print and see no detail lacking. This combined with 30x zoom and all the other features of the HX50 lead me to the conclusion that it will be my go to camera unless I need really great critical resolution and take my NEX 7. The 100 has no place in my plans any more

For whatever it is worth, I sold my RX-100 aafter I found that the HX-20 did such a nice job for most situations. Since I have a NEX for the occasional situation where image quality is absolutely critical, such as wedding photos which will be cropped and looked at years from now, I found the RX-100 to be of little use.


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