Replace my RX100 with a HX50V?

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Re: The HX50 IQ is not that good but RX100 is though expensive and too short zoom

Len_Gee wrote:

mike geier wrote:

after a week of palying with the HX50 I totally agree, I made the correct choice by selling the RX100 and NOT buying the mkII. The 50 is almost the perfect travel camera


Can you explain how the HX50, in your mind, is the perfect travel camera, and the RX100 not?

For you, what is the end use of the images you shoot? Web, Email, small or large prints?

Just curious , and I ask, because I have a RX100. So, now considering either replacing the RX100 with HX50 for better IQ when making 13"x19" inkjet prints for display. Or adding HX50 to my current RX100 travel kit.


I think it's a pretty simple tradeoff now.  The main thing, IMO is that HX50 gives you better zoom ability but you lose the low-light image quality the RX100 will have.  Obviously RX is giving you better quality at all times (not just high ISO) but you may barely notice it, depending on your usage.

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