D7100 - Wildlife Digital Art (not everyone's cup of tea)

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Re: D7100 - Wildlife Digital Art (not everyone's cup of tea)

JTC111 wrote:

RudyPohl wrote:

Hi BB:

Thanks for your comment, it's much appreciated!

It has been a very good discussion so far on a relevant topic. My opinion hasn't changed from what I stated in a previous post which is.... "For me personally, the requirements I would impose on myself for doing this kind of "Photographic Art" would be these...

  1. I would be careful to not call it Wildlife Photography, but rather Wildlife Digital Art.
  2. I would not alter the main subject - animal, bird, plant - but only the background.
  3. I would create a background whose purpose it was to highlight the main subject.
  4. I would declare how the background was created."



I was right there with you until you came up with this seemingly arbitrary set of rules to handcuff yourself. It's art. Why do you need any rules?
Just one example ...suppose one has a really great shot of an animal in motion. According to your rules, adding a motion blur would be outside of acceptable boundaries. Let's suppose it was your photograph, and the Rudy Pohl that exists a year, two, or ten from now decides that a motion blur might actually add some drama to an otherwise stagnant image. Will Rudy break Rudy's rules?
Any rules, where art is concerned, can only serve to stifle creativity. If they serve any other purpose, I can't think of one that isn't incredibly arbitrary and that makes any sense to me.

Rather than a set of rules, how about a set of anti-rules:

  1. Call your work any damn thing you want. It's YOUR work.
  2. Alter anything you want. It's YOUR photograph.
  3. Create any kind of background you want. Again, it's YOUR photograph.
  4. You're not obligated to explain how you did anything. That's YOUR intellectual property.

There. Now you don't have to live within the artificial parameters set down by those lacking in vision or creativity. Artistic freedom is a wonderful thing.

Holy smokes JT, I feel better already!!! Thanks! LOL!

But seriously, let me try this again and see how I do...

  1. I was clear to say that these are my "personal requirements" no suggestion here that anyone else should adopt these, just me.
  2. I was careful to define this as "wildlife art" and not any other kind of art. Therefore, given that it's called wildlife art I feel a very strong obligation to the wildlife itself not to mess around with their actual true images, which means for me personally that no changes should be made to their images that I originally photographed other regular PP stuff. It also means that I am not representing myself as a better photographer than I really am or that my equipment is better than it really is. I am a professional digital graphic artist and can do almost anything in Photoshop to alter images to make them look better that they really are, so it's important to me that photography stay within the bounds of photography and art stays as art, if you know what I mean.
  3. Everything else in the original photo (the background, foreground, sky) can be altered... and for personally that would require that these changes work to enhance or compliment the subject in some way. I wouldn't put some weird background in that would not enhance the subject.
  4. And finally, for me personally, I would no longer be able to call the final result a "wildlife photograph" but I would call it "wildlife art."

Yes, I know that this is my intellectual property and that I can do whatever I want with it, but for me that's not the issue, for me the issue has to do with my own self-imposed requirements that I would need to observe in order to give me the freedom to change the original image and share it publicly.

Anyway, I guess that make 4 cents worth from me today!

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