What is the most beautiful camera ever made?

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Re: The Clack

happypoppeye wrote:

In Germany this ugly thing was the Agfa "Clack" and it's sister the Agfa "Click":

Must have been in the early/mid sixties when I first saw these (and knew I would NEVER want one!).

What I had in those days, my very first camera, was a Zeiss Ikon Box Tengor; it looked like a "beauty" to me, compared to this Click-Clack stuff:

My upgrade from that Zeiss Box was a Voigtländer Vitoret DR:

Most beautiful camera, I don't know, but I always thought my uncle's FTb QL and then his M3 I could use in the early seventies were looking rather good.

My first digital one, an Oly C-2100 UZ, was not a beauty at all, actually it looked fascinatingly weird to me (coming from a Canon AE-1), but it was a very good camera!


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