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Re: So, true photography isn't art Rudy?

RudyPohl wrote:

TFergus wrote:

RudyPohl wrote:

Hi T...

Can you clarify, is your post addressed to me or to Jim?

Hello Rudy

It was actually to anyone who has a problem with other peoples' stuff.

The guy who called yours out as "fake" could have just looked, and left. Your subject even said "not everyone's cup of tea". Instead of just saying "oh" and clicking out of the thread, he made a point of negatively labeling your work. And seemingly made you qualify it by explaining it better.

I was just trying point out that while some people like to pretend their work is more "real" or "true" because they don't mess with backgrounds, or they only use a "certain amount" of PS, it is, and has always been, a dumb debate (again, I know it wasn't you who started the debate).

Then I saw this...

RudyPohl wrote:

For me personally, the requirements I would impose on myself for doing this kind of "Photographic Art" would be these...

  1. I would be careful to not call it Wildlife Photography, but rather Wildlife Digital Art.
  2. I would not alter the main subject - animal, bird, plant - but only the background.
  3. I would create a background whose purpose it was to highlight the main subject.
  4. I would declare how the background was created.

Don't "be careful", and don't feel you owe anyone an explanation. You don't.

Good images don't come about by walking on eggshells.

Art isn't something that's developed through rules.


Anyway, just thought I'd get that in before this thread gets locked too, like another one I read that wasn't specifically about "a camera"......

Thanks TFergus, I think you have made a valuable contribution to this debate and what you have written needs to be heard. On a more personal note please, I am by nature one who tries to avoid unnecessary conflict and seeks to be a mediator when possible. However, even though I tend to smooth rough waters, my own views on important matters are not easily altered, and they are never altered by pressure being put on me, so don't be too concerned about me being pushed around or being made to blunt my opinions for fear of offending... it won't happen.

The 4 points I have listed above really, truly, honestly are my bottom line on this issue.



Further to the above post.......

I also just wanted to say that I don't think anyone in this thread was trying to "pressure me or push me around"... not at all ... just folks expressing their opinions, which is exactly what I asked for in the OP title when I wrote "like, dislike, why?".

Anyway, I think that's it for my 2 cents worth ion this thread.

Cheers and thanks again,


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