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SushiEater wrote:

Even if you had 5D3 with Nikon sensor in it you would still read many complaints. Just remember this there will be no perfect camera ever. Period!!!!! There is no way someone can create the camera for every situation out there.

As far as 5D3 vs, D800 vs D600:

I have two of them, 5D3 and D800e.Would not even consider D600 because it uses only SD cards.

Sold 5D2 to buy D800e. Bought 5D3 later. All around as a camera (not IQ for me) 5D3 is a better camera for me yet I use it the least as a backup because the final product is not based on the camera body. To me IQ of D800e is far more superior than 5D3 for what I shoot. It is not the DR that ruins it for me but the severe banding and resolution. High resolution of D800e can hide a lot of things like noise, camera shake, subject movement etc....just like if you look at the picture on the rear LCD and don't see any of it until you zoom in. I shoot a lot in the dim lights so D800e is for me but I was missing the features of 5D3 so much that I had to buy it even if I use it as secondary camera.

If you PM me I will tell you the real difference between the two. I just don't want to start another camera war here.

Someone did a side by side comparison between 5D3 and D800E with one of the best prime lenses, Zeiss 2/35mm.  If you pixel peeping I am sure you can see D800E has slight more details at full size (I did own processing by upsampling 5DIII to D800E size).  I don't believe you will see noticeable difference at 20x30" print or even 30x40" print.  In reality if we use Canon and Nikon respective own lenses especially zoom such as between 24-70L/2.8 II vs 24-70G/2.8, 70-200L/2.8 IS II vs 70-200G/2.8 VR, the difference is even smaller and 5D3 may even edge out a bit at edges as Canon lenses are better.

You will only see 5D3 banding on a severely underexposed photo and then you push many stops back where nobody disputes Nikon has a clear advantage there.  However it's a bad technique by using this tactic that you expose on highlight and then pushing deep dark shadows 3-6 stops back under highly contrast scenes that only creates surreal looking, excessive noise/grain in original shadow areas, details lost and possible distorted color tonality.  We have seen enough such extreme-shadow-pushing games ended with crappy photos, just lesser of evil basically.  The far better way is to expose correctly on mid-tone or even a bit of ETTR (expose on right), not only shadow areas are exposed correctly with much more details preserved, much less pushing needed, but also you still can recover highlight mostly as some samples in above we have seen.

In addition Nikon doesn't have better high ISOs than Canon such as between D800 and 5D3, D600 and 6D.  Canon actually edges out Nikon in very high ISOs more noticeably in videos.

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