Moiré disaster on the E-5

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rovingtim wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

Well, there is a bit of color moire on the right side (his left) of the suit, so another camera might not have that issue. But it really is just a little bit -- no biggie, in my opinion.

For some people, colour fidelity is more important than resolution.

Not sure if you know this, but excellent colour fidelity and IQ in general (except resolution) at the sensor was one of the first claims of the new 4/3rds standard. It was one of the things that drew me here in the first place. And the E1 delivered exactly as promised.

While I don't dispute those who prefer resolution (even false detail if it looks 'realistic') over all other things except noise, it pleases me not that photography has gone this way.

I so agree with this. While the E1's 5MP would probably be enough, the 8MP of the E300 certainly would be for all my uses. I think making giant prints must be some sort of guy thing, I've -never- wanted to make 30X40 prints. And if I did, I would have no interest studying them from inches away. Even when I shot 4X5 film, most of my prints were 8X10 with an occasional 11X14. My main deal is good color (with a minimum of PP) and ease of handling/accurate AF good, simple to use flash support and things along those lines. I also now appreciate being able to use higher ISO settings and clean shadows that can be pulled when needed. Instead we now have 24MP APS and 36 and growing MP FF models.

It reminds me of automotive development, if they had focused on MPG (something important) rather that power and speed (marketing) cars would esily get 75MPG+ today without fooling with hybrid technology. The civic I owned in 1977 got better MPG than any car made today!
 I watch people raving about all the detail capture these new super high MP cameras can capture and wonder, would I ever see this detail in my final output? Nope, so why do I care? I don't!

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