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Re: Changing contrast without distorting colors: 45% rule and another cat

ilza wrote:

Tom Axford wrote:

I hope you will not be offended by a little personal advice: it does not encourage readers to take your work seriously when you are so dismissive about the work of others.

I have had a look at the paper you referenced and there is one short paragraph about handling saturation. They state that the method they use is essentially the same as previous researchers have used. Clearly their paper is primarily about their HDR method for transforming luminance and they have just picked up whatever was to hand to handle the colour.

This exactly MY point. These people must be very competent, and thorough. They must have investigated the subject, and picked the best way known. And this way stinks.

You are jumping to totally unjustified conclusions!

Why must they be competent and thorough? It is simply untrue to claim that every published research paper is written by people who are competent and thorough in everything they do. Even those papers that are very highly regarded and widely cited are not necessarily competent and thorough in every aspect of the work described.

Over my career I have read thousands of research papers (all in the distant past, I'm afraid), and the language and structure of this paper is very typical. My reading of it is that they have used a 'quick and dirty' method for handling colour that happens to give satisfactory results for the particular examples they use. They never claim otherwise.

If they were using the best known method, I would expect them to say so. Instead, colour is dismissed in a short paragraph in the section headed "Implementation'. The only justification they give for the method is that it gives 'satisfactory' results for their examples and that it was previously used by a couple of other people.

The topic of the paper is an HDR algorithm for use on the luminance channel only. It is ridiculous to expect it to be of the same high standard on matters that are purely peripheral. Research simply doesn't work that way. Researchers are very used to using quick and dirty methods on things that are subsidiary to the main thrust of their research. Frankly, they often wouldn't make any progress otherwise!

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