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Re: Just got mine too Ben --->

How about Canon's  EF-S 55-250 F4-5.6 IS? It is no STM, but should work. It is really not the sharpest lens in particular close to the long end (I had one) but light and the price-performance-ratio is very good.

1:- it`s OK for those of us who got the EOS adapter but for the 18-55 kit owners (and USA 22mm kit owners) , it becomes £100 more than the shelf price .

2:- t`s not the best thing on earth, it`s both challenged optically and IS wise - not as good optically as the full frame 55-200-USM-II it failed to replace due to not being full frame..

3:- even if it was optically good enough to warrant buying the £100 adapter for and if the IS was better than it is, it`s still got the old slow AF system which isn`t fast even on a 7D and is a lot larger than a 55-200 STM would be .

So IMO a viable stopgap for those who own it (as is any other EOS fit lens in that range, especially the Tamron 70-300VC ), maybe even worth Adapter owners buying a used one - but not worth Buying new AND shelling out on adapter for, it`s just not that good. a used Tamron 70-300VC would be a vastly better option if going down that route.

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