D800 becomes rarely slow on occasion.

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Take out the SD card

AndreasBank wrote:

Same problem with my D800

Verry rarely the camera takes about 10-15sec to store the file. During this time the camere does not respond and the green LED is glowing green.

I shoot lossless compressed 14bit NEF that is storred on a 64GB CF card. Ther is a SD card available but configured as overflow storage. Firmware is the latest one.

It does not seam to have anything to do with the buffer since it happens (only?) in single shot scenarios.

Try a shoot without the SD card.  Does the problem go away?  There's a problem others have described where the green card access light is on and the hour glass is displayed for seconds at a time.  You can still take pictures, but not display them until the hour glass goes off.

It has been suggested that it's a hardware or firmware problem relating to the dual card slots, and if you have only one card inserted, it (apparently) doesn't happen.

I've had this problem too - always with the CF card in use and the SD as overflow, but I've not tried enough without the SD card to know if that makes the problem go away.

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