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prime wrote:

I belong to the "reach" contingent: if a varifocal lens is to be 3x, I should prefer 37-111 to 28-84. I find 99% of photos taken at focal lengths shorter than 35 mm (equivalent) to be distractingly cluttered, self-consciously mannered, and generally annoying.

I know what you mean, Prime. I just sold my 19mm Sigma (28mm FF) as I haven't used it once in six months. On a compact camera however I find 28mm useful for some casual stuff here and there but I'd be OK with a 37-111mm too. AFAIR I had something like it on my IXUS 430/Powershot S410, my first digital snapper and as mentioned before all the lenses in my current collection fall into the range between 42 and 135mm FF equiv.

My benchmark for the reach at the long end of a varifocal camera lens is the Olympia Sonnar 180 mm f/2.8 prime lens that Leni Riefenstahl used to such stunning effect in Triumph of the Will. My ideal zoom lens would go from 28 mm (equivalent; yes, there are times when wide is needed) to 180 mm (equivalent), with a digital zoom booster of one Fibonacci increment (1.61803x).

For me the only reason to upgrade from my trusty X10 would be a one-inch sensor together with a reasonably fast and flexible lens, even if it would be somewhat larger. I have no need for yet another half-assed 2/3" follow-up.

Fujinon (lens division of the Fujifilm Group) has been making lenses for 2/3" sensors for a long time. The current standard HD television camera has a 2/3" sensor; and if you watched the Olympics on television over the past 49 years, you watched most of the Olympics through Fujinon television camera lenses, which dominate the sports television camera market. Most of the recent lens designs of that genre have been specifically made for 2/3" sensors, and are decidedly not half-assed.

I meant the X20, not the lens. I've called the lens on the X10/X20 superb more than once.

But, back to the compact-if-not-quite-pocketable still camera segment, making a lens collapsible depends largely on closing air spaces within the lens. The X10/X20 lens has eleven elements in nine groups, and I am not certain that it could be made much more collapsible than it already is if the design were scaled up to a larger size to illuminate a 1" sensor.

Depending on the optical design a lens for a 1" inch sensor doesn't have to be significantly longer, if at all than one for a 2/3" sensor. My guessing would go that Fuji would make heavy use of electronic glass, so to speak, as they did on your XF1. BTW, I've been offered a Nikon V1 kit for 200€ yesterday but rather wait for what Fuji might come up with. Who knows ?

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