Poll: D800E vs. 5D mk III w/ Zeiss 2/35mm ZF

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Re: Poll: D800E vs. 5D mk III w/ Zeiss 2/35mm ZF

jjnik wrote:

Rick Knepper wrote:

3.) Focusing anomalies:

3c.) Focusing with Live View in bright sunlight is much easier with the Canon because the LCD glass is treated with an effective coating and in comparison, Live View visibility on the D800E is slightly to significantly washed out depending on light levels but, since I used focus confirmation for the Nikon image, Live View visibility will not or should not affect the outcome.

Doesn't this mean you used a more accurate magnified Live View manual focus for the 5D3 and and the potentially less accurate PDAF for the Nikon? I would think that could potentially have a noticeable effect on the outcome as folks will likely be pixel peeping (I'm on my phone so can't really look at the images in a useful way). Seems like a questionable approach for a comparison like this as it adds an extra unknown wrt focus?

Dude please. Why don't you get on a computer and download the files before you start attacking the methodology.

You didn't read 3a carefully enough and I admit to an error in how I characterized things in 3c.

I focused the lens on the Nikon in LV but the LCD did not present a sharp, visible image due to the bright sunlight hitting on the LCD so I sneaked a peek in the VF for the focus confirm light. A blind man can focus a Zeiss lens, if it is calibrated or adapted correctly, by turning the focus ring all the way to infinity and let it be, no need for LV or the VF really.

3c is not about focusing as much as it is a somewhat poorly written report on the quality of the back LCD.

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