Learning more good stuff about Canon FD lenses on the NEX-7

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Re: Learning more good stuff about Canon FD lenses on the NEX-7

SQLGuy wrote:

bzx wrote:

SQLGuy wrote:

A mode with an native E-mount lens means you set the aperture (with one of the control wheels) and the camera will set the shutter speed.

A mode with a legacy lens means you set the aperture (with the aperture ring) and the camera will set the shutter speed.

I'm not sure why you see this as being strange.

I didn't want this to sound ... "strange" So excuse me if I used a wrong word. I actually realized today that shooting manual on A, you can't control camera's exposure so it was my totally strange mistake.

I still prefer the S because it is more flexible, esp. when the exposure compensation is too weak.

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What do you mean by "... on A, you can't control camera's exposure..."?

A is still an AE mode, so the camera is controlling exposure just as it is in S. The main difference is that S acts like M if you are not using Auto ISO. It's really S that's a bit strange, because it works differently with manual lenses than it does with native ones.

So, in M, or in S with fixed ISO, you completely control the exposure. In A with fixed ISO, you control aperture and ISO and the camera selects shutter speed - modified by exposure compensation. In S with Auto ISO, you control aperture and shutter speed and the camera selects ISO - modified by exposure compensation.

It sounds like you're using S with fixed ISO, which is really the same as using M... except that M works that way for all lenses, not just legacy ones.

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Nex-7 with kit lenses, Contax G 35, and a number of legacy lenses (mostly Canon FD)

SQL has it right.

I use my 7 in A mode 90% of the time(I shoot 100% manual glass), it gives me an exposure that is close to what I want most of the time, and EV comp gets me the rest of the way to where I want to be exposure wise, but when the light gets low I have to move to S mode to keep the shutter speed where I want it, because the camera chooses 1/60 as the default shutter speed.

S mode is just like full manual since you have full control over the settings, add auto iso and S mode becomes manual with auto exposure which can be very handy if you want to get creative.

I don't bother with manual mode since S mode does the same thing.

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