Help In picking a tablet

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Help In picking a tablet


I am new to jelly beans and ice cream sandwiches and what I thought would be a simple choice is turning into a something that is driving me nuts so I would like to tell you folks what I am trying to do and see if you can give me some guidance.

I am not new to computers and such but all of this smart phone and tablet stuff is a whole new ball game for me.

Since I have retired, my wife and I go to garage, and estate sales looking to buy and resale specific items on ebay, much like a bazillion others do. We find that there are certain items at these sales that we are not sure if they are good candidate for ebay and want to use a tablet with a decent size so we can go to ebay and do a search. The reason I am thinking of a tablet over a smart phone is the size and screen res in checking out the search.

I would strongly prefer not to use wifi but an Internet connection. We do not need phone as we have cell phones to make calls on and to photograph items and send messages.

I just want something that has access to Internet without wifi. If possible I would like to hold the cost down as much as possible. I do not care if it has an SD card slot or not but a USB port would be nice.

What tablet would you recommend? and what size would you recommend. I would also like something that has decent speed to it.

Is there such a thing?

Thank You,


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