Why Pentax AF can be a Pain in the @$$ Sometimes

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Why Pentax AF can be a Pain in the @$$ Sometimes

So for the most part the Pentax AF system is great and very capable regardless of what some people might think. I just want to say this next bit based on comments in a recent post by Chau D. What might make one photographer stand out against the crown are things like skill, knowing ones equipment and how to get the best from it. Their chosen venue, the ability to anticipate and adjust on the fly. Their ability to edit the best out of an image, plenty of practice, and finally gear can play a role but its likely the least important ingredient to success.

However its times like this where the camera's programming or lack of programming that frustrates me.

Here I am at an airshow, tracking 5 planes in the frame, the camera is tracking them just fine and then just as i go to shot a frame (or in the middle of a burst of frames) a tiny little seagull buzzes into the frame, the camera instantly changes focus to the seagull and then fires the shot. What makes this worse is that the camera hadn't fully locked onto the seagull, nope on the original image you can see that the focus is in between the seagull and the planes. So why the heck is the focus so happy to jump off the subject its tracking when another subject appears. In this case a tiny seagull that is so small in the frame that you'd have a hard time locking onto it if it was your intended target and against a blue or gray sky.

The shot is a full frame vertical crop of the original IIRC

In conclusion Pentax really needs to add some smarts to the focus system, Its adequate and serves me well most of the time but this sort of situation has to stop, it needs to be able to track a subject and stay on that subject regardless of other interference unless the user wants the camera to track whatever is in the middle of the frame!

I'd have ranted about this before even dating back to the K10D but I either deleted examples of this or I didn't keep a good example of it.

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