Camera observation from California Disneyland

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Camera observation from California Disneyland

I went to California Disneyland today and here are my observations:

  • Compact Point/Shoot is actually alive & well in theme parks, various brand but I see mostly canon powershots with a few dslr-esque super-zoom P&S
  • Canon rebel dslr are everywhere, I spot more than 30+ and lost counts
  • Nikon d3000, d3100, d5000, d5100 are also popular, but not as many as canon
  • 1 Canon 7D + Grip, 1 Nikon d800
  • 3 Tablet shooters, look very silly, but people use whatever they got
  • 4 Sony SLT (2 were smaller A33/A35/A37/A55 body, 2 other were either A57/A67)
  • only 1 NEX (aside from mine)
  • I saw zero Olympus (no E-PL1, E-P2, E-M5, or E-PM1/2)
  • I saw zero Panasonic (G3, G5, GF2, GX1, Gh2)

The popularization is a healthy mixture of American / European / Asian visitors. I paid extra attention to most Asian visitor hoping to spot an EM5, a Panasonic GF series, or a Sony NEX. My result were disappointing. I do not see any Asian favoring mirror-less options. All of them carry DSLR, usually a canon or a nikon.

3 Surprises I noticed:

1. Point/Shoot may not sell well in 2013, but they are alive & well in practice. Disneyland is a special trip, so I'm guessing that is why I see more people using P&S than cellphones.

2. Young Ladies prefer canon dslr over mirrorless. I saw no less than 12+ girls with canon rebel dslr. Where as Nikon seem to be favor by middle age men.

3. I saw many women as main photographer of her family rather than dad who used to carry this duty.

Anyhow, this is what I saw today. The only mirrorless is a mom with a NEX-5n aside from mine. Everything else was either cellphone, Point/Shoot, and Canon/Nikon DSLR.

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