What is the most beautiful camera ever made?

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Re: "Beautiful cameras". Whats next?

Ubilam wrote:

Beautiful cameras?! They're for taking pics, not taking pics of them. You mention some obscure Canon model that maybe 27 folks owned. Better DSLRs are very functional and customizable which makes them beautiful to me. How customizable were the old Canon film SLRs??? - they weren't! I owned a few of them. Times are great now compared to the dinosaur days of SLR film hell, though theres a lot of useless fluff appearing on digi-cams too.

Its like an artist that admires his new brushes versus actually using them.

I would only buy a beautiful camera to display in my curio cabinet. I do not really care what my regular camera looks like. Nobody ever looked at any of my photos and said 'but what does your camera look like?'

People who buy cameras because they think that they're beautiful, and then excuse and ignore problems with the camera because they like the appearance so much, those are the people who need a reality check.

Is my Canon 7D beautiful? I appreciate it for what it can do, not how it looks.

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