Ricoh GR with 21mm adaptor

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Re: Ricoh GR with 21mm adaptor

VladimirV wrote:

nico1974 wrote:

Hello Vladimir

Absolutely love the second image - I think that I am going to explore that viewpoint on my lunchbreak on Monday.

Thanks, looking forward to see what you come up with.

I remember seeing your blog a while ago and was wondering who you are LOL - do you still work around there?

Not at the moment but when I am in the area during lunchtime I always stop off at Whitecross Street market and the Barbican for lunch. I should be there next Monday again.

The Heliar 15mm is an amazing lens. I used to use it on a Sony NEX6 before I purchased the Ricoh GR. I still think that the Heliar is slightly superior to the RicohGR with the 21mm convertor but without it the lens of the GR is a lot sharper. Still the 21mm is VERY usable.

I have just received my 21mm lens today but will run a comparison with the 15mm Heliar on the GXR.

A few more pictures taken with it on Friday

Really like this one, the processing works very well.

Great let me know what your impressions are from the adaptor when you get it.

Here is one I took on Tuesday - the weather and afternoon light are amazing at the moment - worth coming at around 6pm when the afternoon sun strikes the towers and the blue sky looks a bit darker.

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