Shooting Food On All White Background

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Re: Shooting Food On All White Background

Thank you all for your suggestions. I truly appreciate the feedback.

Fortunately, I had some time on my hands to consider this problem and a friend who has his own woodworking  shop and built me a wooden "stick holder", which holds the food vertically. My "mobile studio" is actually the hatch area of my Kia Soul, which is nicely recessed, the glass on the windows tinted (to help manage the ambient light from the sun), and the floor completely flat. I ended up using three pieces of 20" x 30" white foam core, one on the left, one on the right, and one behind against the back of the rear seats. I then put the corn dog stick into the holder and placed it equally distant from the sides of the car and about 6" in front of the rear wall.

Speedlite #1 was on-camera acting both as a master as well as being bounced off the left foam core. Speedlite #2 was off-camera on the little stand it came with bouncing off the right piece of foam core. Both speedlites were zoomed to 20mm to maximize spread and the left speedlite was set to 1 stop brighter than the right one.

To properly expose for the corn dog, the background didn't end up being completely white (which someone earlier in this thread had suggested would be an issue). However, it was pretty darn close and a few minutes in Lightroom playing with the Highlight slider control as well as painting in some additional exposure using the adjustment brush and I was good to go.

I sent the image to the art director in charge of the assignment and it was exactly the look he wanted. This was just a trial run and the actual shooting of the food begins this weekend.

I've attached the image that I sent to the editor. Camera settings were 1/200", f/8, ISO 200.

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