What I learned from Gollywop -- and what I wonder

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Re: What I learned from Gollywop -- and what I wonder

In the case of flower shots, ETTR without uniWB can actually be a rather dangerous strategy because it's so easy to blow the blue channel in particular, which will cause an unwanted color shift in the flower or worse.  However, the problem doesn't end there.  In sunny conditions you can still blow flower highlights even though you're exposing "normally" and the histogram looks ok.  uniWB is recommended along with careful processing with appropriate gamut checking enabled.  ETTR'ing flower shots with uniWB enabled will give you the best opportunity for nailing exposure, with the goal of processing for optimal tonality in the flower petals and leaves.  Even if you don't care about the darkest areas, minimizing noise in the upper shadows and lower midtones is just as useful in flower shots as in other images.  You can certainly get fine results without using uniWB+ETTR, but you'll probably improve your success rate if you adopt that strategy.

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