Why many third party lens are rated higher for Canon than Nikon?

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Re: imho... Your best resource for SLR lenses is right here in this forum.

well it also depends on the lens its self, like some 3rd party lenses really are that good, and rival if not pass their "brand name counterparts". I know you listed the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM in your orginal question, and that would be considered one of those lenses it is amazingly sharp, and when you put it on some of those new FF high res sensors our there in body's like the 800, some of the images are just pure.

but then some of the other 3rd party lenses are rated so highly because of a "costs to performance" ratio / aspect. They may be 80-90% of brand name optically and performance wise, but 50% or less cost wise, and to a lot of amateurs / hobbyist, cost is a major factor to them... thats their "going to the movies" money or their "vacation money etc", and for some more than others (depending on economic background) lenses are a major investment and take time to save for.... and when they can get something that is half the price of a brand name equivalent and have it do "almost" as well optically, well that's a major score for them and of course they will rate it well and accordingly.

and Just as much so on the oppose end of the scale as well, if you were a "pro" or high end consumer shelling out thousands of dollars per lens, you would be hyper critical of the small details, and possibly give something a 4 star rating instead of 5, just because of you being over critical due to price and the performance you expect due to that price.
so its really a multi headed answer to that type of question, it really comes down to what lens specifically and which brand name ones its being compared too.

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