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Re: I won't "lecture" anyone, but

Chato wrote:

JamesMortimer wrote:

Brian wrote:

Why did two passengers die in the crash where 180+ survived? After watching the video of the crash, it was actually amazing to me that only two perished.

I don’t know if these two girls did anything wrong like not buckling their seat belt. I don’t really even want to speculate. I feel for them and their families in this tragedy.

But I can say that I have flown nearly a million miles and I have seen many passengers disobey safety rules. I have seen some that unbuckle their seatbelts before landing or just pretend to buckle them. Same with when the fasten your seatbelt sign comes on.

If you sat next to someone who didn’t fasten their seat belt, would you say something to them?

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Only a child - an adult is responsible for their own life.. or death..

I would say, "Oh look, the "put on seatbelt light is on." If that doesn't do, it, like you say, an adult can make up their own mind.


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"Everyone who has ever lived, has lived in Modern Times"

Yes - i agree entirely.

Pointing out something that someone might have missed is not infringing their rights as adults..

So.. "Hey mate, seatbelt light is on" or "Look out, that bridge is supposed to be unsafe to cross"..

But that's where it ends.. they are adults after all.

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