shoot video at 720p or 1080i?

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Re: shoot video at 720p or 1080i?

james b norman wrote:

I need to video some classical music performances - audio will be recorded separately and synced in post. my camera can shoot in either 720p or 1080i. there is not any real action or fast moving objects in the music performances - pretty static, single camera view.

I have read that 720p is actually higher true resolution than 1080i, since only half the frame is displayed/recorded at a time (so true res is only 1920x540). but I also read that 1080i "appears" to be sharper. 720p is said to be smoother (I think I understand that part).

for those of you who have shot video in both modes, which do you think looks best? can you point me to example videos that can clearly show me the difference between a 720p clip and a 1080i clip?


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1920x1080 60i from Canon M500 is sharper than 1920x1080 60p from Pana V700. While 60i is very strange format, I would choose it over 720p60.

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