Why many third party lens are rated higher for Canon than Nikon?

Started Jul 11, 2013 | Discussions thread
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imho... Your best resource for SLR lenses is right here in this forum.


To me, your best resource for info on SLR lenses is right here in this forum. There are so many experienced photogs here that have first hand knowledge for just about any lens on the market. So, the best way to tell if a certain lens model is any good (or what its limitations are) is to ask the question here (after doing a search of this forum - despite the not so great search engine).

Now, with that said, there is quite a bit of sample variation within any given lens model - some brands have more variation than others. Also, lens production quality can change over the years. So, just because a lens is highly regarded on these forums, it doesn't prevent you from getting a bad sample. For every lens purchase, you must put that lens through various lens tests to ensure that you have a "good copy". Zooms are much more prone to "issues" than are prime lenses.


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