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Re: What Would You Have Done?

kcamacho11 wrote:

TFergus wrote:

Daisy AU wrote:

TFergus wrote:

Daisy AU wrote:

  • He targeted you and nobody else.
  • You will come across people like that guard all over the world.
  • He obviously has a problem with olive skin caucasian people (I'm latin too) ...
  • he might have been a neo-nazi !

all based on the OP's angry opinion.

It's neat that the OP has an audience of one that will automatically believe everything he says, and then assign labels to people who have "wronged" him.

I'm old fashioned... I just accept that we're hearing one side of a story.

The angry, racial "victim" side.

... yes, based on what was described. You have never experienced anything like what was described? Lucky you

Nor have I ever assigned labels to people based on one side of a story from someone I don't know.

So if you knew me really well....you would think different?

Not what I said... and somehow... I have a feeling I wouldn't.

Just because you do not know me does not mean I am talking about of my a**. It is not a "one sided" story. It is the ONLY story.

It is a one-sided story until the other side is given. Namely the guard's.

My situation was as simple as it gets. I walk into the lobby with my wife, see a bunch of people present in the lobby taking great photos....I walk over to the lion monument, tell my wife to stand in front of it....then my wife sees that guard from behind me go out of his way from standing next to the entrance door....comes up to ME, tells me everything and walks back to the entrance door. I just stood there in awe, wondering how he could not see all the others around me taking pictures just like I was. For a second I almost thought he was kidding, but unfortunately, he wasn't.

That's it. No twists, no other way around it. That's exactly what happened.

We understand your side already.  It started with "he couldn't possibly confuse me with 'an Arab'".... then you went on to say he did by profiling you based on 9/11.

What the guard was actually thinking while doing everything you claim, if he indeed did, is the unknown side of the story.

Well... except to you and Daisy. You two seem to know what he was thinking since you call him a racial-profiling, neo-nazi, camera/bomb accuser.

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